Monday, February 28, 2011

Going compact

The olde faithful - 2009 Curve SL

Production snag: 2011's Curve SL
Small bicycles can grow on you.
If the need for speed is never an issue, you might want to consider a 16" two wheeler.
For starters, the choices are limited.
I must say that after seeing my wife on the Dahon Curve D3 (3-speed internal hub gear) and her abililty to ride it for a 10km uphill course, I was really impressed.
To further strengthen the versatility of the Curve, veteran rider TT Siang and his wife Angela proved that the little Dahon can be used literally anywhere.
So, with that in mind, I began researching this year's Dahon Curve SL.
The 2011 model is really sexy.
Its painted black with some really top-notched components.
Personally-speaking, I love the colour scheme. Not that it matter, but I still love a black bicycle.
The Curve SL won't be seen soon as there were some hitches at the production line.
What is currently being offered now - are the remaining bikes from 2009.
Its similar, but lacked in the wow factor on the 2011 Curve SL.
What I love about this bike is the fact that you can pack it anywhere you like.
As far as handling is concerned, I have tried Michelle's Curve D3 which is pretty smooth.
That said, its now a matter of waiting..
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