Monday, February 14, 2011

Morib - Tg Sepat Ride

Morib is roughly about an hour's drive from where we live

The flat road to Tg Sepat

A decent late breakfast at Yik Kee Bak Kut Teh

Touring riders from abroad heading South
Tuesdays aren't the typical day where we get up early to hit the road for a bicycle ride.
Its was also a public holiday, so, I took the initiative to plan a ride in Morib, Selangor. 
This place is roughly about an hour from our home in Subang Jaya. 
Having done a reconnaissance drive some months back, I felt that the 17km ride to Tg Sepat would not be stressful.
The fact that the route was totally on flat ground gave the advantage of speed cycling with high gear.
A large chain ring on the Dahon Speed P8 yielded a top speed of 25km/h. 
This was not as fast compared to some roadies who were seen on the road. They were easily doing 35km/h with their bike's larger 700cc wheels.
Along the route, we saw a couple riding their touring bikes. 
I greeted them with a "Good Morning" and one of the cyclists returned with a smile on her face.
They where headed towards Banting from the South.
We took about 45-minutes to get to Tg Sepat from Morib - covering a distance of 18km.
Michelle and I rode around town and checked out a mushroom farm.
Later, we had breakfast at a bak kut teh stall which was endorsed by a Chinese dude spotting an afro hairstyle with a sackload of medals on his chest.
Earlier when I researched Tg Sepat on food, I found a blogger's bad comment on one of the outlets in this fishing town.
He seems pretty pissed off and after seeing his profile, this guy turned out to be a stringer in Malacca. 
We ate at Yik Kee bak kut teh and the fare was pretty decent.
After breakfast, we rode around town and made our way to the Baywatch restaurant, snap more shots and rode back to Morib.
Even at 10am, the heat and humidity was overwhelming.
On the whole, I would rate the Morib - Tg Sepat ride as 'moderate' with heavy traffic and bad air. There were lots of open burning and for folks who suffer from respiratory problems, this route would not be good.
One of the things that we observe is an early start. For a 3-hour ride covering a distance of 40km - return trip, the best thing is to start cycling at 07:00am.
Well, we hope to check other routes like PD - Malacca in the future.
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