Thursday, June 16, 2011

2011 Dahon Mu P24

I first came to know about the existence of the 2011 Dahon MuP24 trough a Facebook posting on the MyDahon page.
It carried a list price of RM2.9K and before I knew it, the bikes, about two of them, had vanished into thin air.
Some lucky bastide are riding this baby around.
The Mu series are actually a 20" version of the popular Dahon Curve.
In Malaysia, there is a large quantity of Mu P8s going around and the much rarer Mu XL - I knew for a fact that there's at least one.
Leading the pack was the Mu EX which was discontinued to pave way for the Vector X20.
Now, speaking of components, Dahon is using the NEOS trinity drivetrain to give the Mu its 24-speed range.
This replaces the SRAM Dual-Drive II and I am pretty curious about its overall looks and handling.
I hope that LE RUN industries would bring in more of the Mu P24s for the Malaysian market cos its wide-ranging gearing is pretty suitable for touring...
The NEOS trinity hub 

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