Friday, March 2, 2012

Canon EOS5DmkIII announced...

It's official!
My colleague Mr Ng Kok Leong was invited to a launch party today at Bangsar Shopping Complex.
He asked if I was invited. I said 'No'.
Later, I found out that my old friend Mr CH Loh was also at the launch.
Today, is an important day. All over Asia, Canon Cameras has announced their latest high-end D-SLR: The Canon EOS5DmkIII
Its been a long wait since its predecessor the 5DmkII had dominated the full-frame EOS market.
Four years seems right! Anyways, the mkIII has been vastly improvised and the bad news is this: pricing which is estimated at RM10.5K is out of reach for beginners as well as those who are on a budget.
To put it simply, the 5DmkIII is a working tool for the demanding professional and serious amateur alike.

Looks and feel
The mkIII retains its curveous looks and has similar control knobs like the EOS7D. 
Well, if you expect the new full-frame camera as 'just a slight tweak' from the mkII, well, some of the features are handed down from the EOS1DX.
Like I said earlier, its auto-focusing is more responsive and the DIGIC-5+ processor means that the mkIII is capable of a 6-frame burst when you demand continuous shots.

Other bells and whistles
To complement the EOS1DX and 5DmkIII, a series of new accessories are inbound. 
First, there's the EX600RT radio-controlled capable Speedlight, GP-E2 GPS receiver and the BG-E11 grip for the EOS5DmkIII. There's even a new wireless flash transmitter in the new line-up.


 The excitment..
Some guys are eagerly awaiting the 5DmkIII body to ship.
In Malaysia, my guess is probably late April - early May. 
The street price may not be attractive to those seeking a cheaper alternative.
With the specs given, I believe the mkIII is capable of producing some superb images. As it is, I am ready with my arsenal of L-series lenses.. 
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