Tuesday, June 18, 2013

MKS Promenade EZY pedals

A worthy replacement..

Michelle's Tern Eclipse P9 came supplied with a pair of Suntour "soapbox" folding pedals.
Despite its simple looks, these pedals are really tough.
You get them with most premium-priced folding bikes from Dahon and Tern.
Its a whole lot better than the Wellgo folding pedals that tends to break under too much stress.

The MKS Promenade pedals

It comes in a pouch 
It's available here!

I didn't have to go on-line to get the MKS pedals. 
Johnny Ng's shop - My Bicycle Shop in Bandar Utama has them and he's selling them at a decent price.
This means, you don't have to waste time on postage, foreign currency exchange and going around like a headless chicken looking for the pedals.
It took me less than 10-minutes to fit the pedals onto Michelle's Tern Eclipse P9. All you need is a simple no 17 flat wrench (can be purchased from Daiso Japan as a set) or a proper 15mm cone wrench.
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