Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Schwalbe Airmax Tire Pressure Gauge

Ma! Look what I found!

I made a trip to the Rodalink store in Desa Sri Hartamas in search of a 24" x 1.50 inner tube for my Tern Eclipse X-20.
There was only one piece left and I had to be contented with it.
While cruising the shelf, I found a couple of Schwalbe Airmax Pro tire pressure gauge.
And at RM49 a pop, its a whole lot cheaper than the Topeak digital gauge that I have been using for more than five years.

Schwalbe's digital tire pressure gauge
Taking precise measurements....

Having the correct tire pressure means you are going to prolong the lifespan of the tire's service life.
If incorrectly done, your tire rims might be damaged.
And with high-pressure tires that offers puncture protection, the pressure has to be optimized for this feature.
I gave the Schwalbe digital gauge a try and it worked like magic!
The recessed activation button on the gauge prevents accidental on/off on the gadget.
Its unlike the Topeak gauge that can be easily activated and because of that, it drains the button battery cell easily.
The Schwalbe digital tire pressure gauge is available from most Rodalink outlets in the Klang Valley.
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