Monday, June 17, 2013

The future is Tern..

A defining moment.. 

I received a call from the delivery man.
He said there are two large boxes waiting for me.. 

Cool stuffs comes in a pair!
A re-cap

About a year ago, Joshua Hon of Tern Bicycles had sent me an email. 
He asked about the Tern Eclipse S11i which I test-rode for a review in
It was an awesome bike and I was told by Josh that team Tern were developing a 24" folding bike which is suited for the Asian market.
That was privileged information about yet-to-be released Eclipse X-20 which went on to win an award in Eurobike 2012. 

And the timing was impeccable..

I waited for nearly a year to hear news about the Eclipse X-20 that went into production recently. Even when it left the factory in Taiwan, this bike was sold out.
To sink my claws into my first Tern folding bike, I made a deal with the local distributor and ordered two bikes: the Tern Eclipse P9 for Michelle, my wife and the Eclipse X-20 for my own use. 
So, after a brief slumber, I received the good news from the local Tern product guy. 
The bikes were on its way. I had enough funds to cover the purchase of the two 24" bikes which will be used for the Penang Round-island ride in September.
And like what Josh had earlier said about "a bike that is like nothing you've ever ridden.." I must say that the Eclipse experience was a notch above the rest.
Having tried the Eclipse S11i, another award-winning design from Tern Bicycles, I had my mind set on acquiring the 24" folding bikes.

Un-boxing a Tern, Happy! Happy! Happy!

I brought home the bikes last week and assembled them.
Right out of the box, our new rides were really impressive!

The boxes in our crowded living room

My new ride, the Eclipse X-20

The task ahead..

I have scheduled the bike's maiden ride and had it tuned by Master Johnny Ng from My Bicycle Shop recently.
There were some slight adjustments to be made before the bike hits the road.
I have yet to rig up the frame with bottle cages which I intend to do soon.
For starters, its gonna be a middle-distance urban ride to evaluate the Eclipse X-20's handling and durability...
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