Monday, June 24, 2013

Malaysia's most wanted foldie...

A soaring demand.. 

The award-winning Eclipse X20

Since it was announced last year, the Tern Eclipse X20 or aptly known as the "Pirate-Ninja" became a well sought-after bike.
There are calls to the the local distributor on a daily basis to enquire about ordering the bike.

But, but, but... 

The K2 Asia product guy who left late last year didn't do his job.
Fearing that the market would only give a lukewarm reception to the 2013 Tern Bicycle line-up, he only ordered a large quantity of entry-level bikes.
So, this means that we won't see any new "X"-series bikes until late December (pre-order batches for 2014).


So, this is the legacy for the new product guy in K2 Asia who inherited all the "teething" issues from the day Tern bikes was launched in late 2011.
But, there is hope. 
We will see more good stuff next year as the window for ordering new stock is given only twice a year.

A chat with the retail guy..

I met EK from Rodalink in Bandar Botanic near Klang recently.
This is the premium outlet that stocks nearly 90% of the Tern bikes in Malaysia.
"How is your Pirate-Ninja..," He asked.
"Okay, but I don't have a chance to ride it yet, its the haze and the -+ > 3000 readings are hampering all outdoor activities..," I responded.
EK then told me that there has been daily queries about the Eclipse X20 and there's nothing they could do about it.
"We get many calls asking about the Pirate-Ninja.. There are interested parties," he said.

The only Eclipse left in Malaysia..

There is a 2011 Eclipse S11i in Rodalink with an asking price of RM7.7k.
Frankly, its a damn good bike and since there is a sale going on, further price reduction can be expected on this 24" bike... Apart from that, there's also a few Verge bikes at the store, namely, the Verge Duo, P18 and one remaining X20.
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