Monday, June 24, 2013

Tern Tool

Every Tern owner must have it!

I picked up a Tern tool from the K2 Asia product guy recently and I must say that I am pretty impressed with its quality, fit and finish.
The Tern Tool is available on-line via Premium Bike Gear at USD$40 (RM128.28) a piece excluding freight charges and tax (none for tools).
It came with a nice packaging and in it, a neoprene sleeve including a patch kit.
This had exceeded my expectations because I was looking at a bare-minimal set-up.

A neat package: the tool in a neoprene sheath
Most useful implement..

There are about 20 implements on this tool.
It folds neatly into a frame and there are two sets of removable wrench, one - 15mm crescent-shaped wrench, which you can use to remove axle nuts.
This is useful if you ride a bike with an internal hub gear. And during emergencies, you can also use it to remove your pedals.
Integrated onto the 15mm wrench is a bottle cap opener! Now, drinking bottle beers would never be the same again..

The content of the tool, the patch kit is neat!
Other cool stuff..

On the Tern Tool, you fill find a tire lever, spoke wrench and a series of variable-sized hexagon screw drivers, flat and philips screw driver and a chain cutter.
So, in short, no stones was left unturned in designing this interesting tool.

The 15mm Crescent wrench

Expect a lot of punch in this little package

I was told by the K2 Asia product guy that a batch of the Tern Tool might arrive in Malaysia by the end of the third-quarter along with some Biologic goodies.
So, that said, let's hope that it will be sold here! 
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