Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Getting soft and lazy...

Michelle has been suggesting a ride in a place she knew very well.
Its in Kapar near Klang and there is a simple offroad route to the Kapar Power Plant where she usually goes.
I've hardly ridden my bike since late April and I guess its time to get back in shape.

The plan..

We parked our car in Kapar town and ride out to kampung Tok Muda.
This is roughly about 7km away from town and we get to cycle around areas that are not too heavy in terms of traffic.
The Klang - Teluk Intan Federal Road is laden with heavy vehicles and is usually heavy in traffic.
In this ride, we will have a chance to see and try for ourselves -- the offroad routes leading to the power station and beyond..

Riding out of Kapar town
We've never ridden around Kapar before and felt that the area was suitable to be explored.
So, the bike of choice was our Dahon Jetstream.
Michelle led the way and we ended up at the Kapar Power Plant.
This is a huge facility where the power turbines are coal-fired.

Nearing the power plant..

At the cooling water outlet near the plant
I was told that there is an abundance of marine life around the power plant.
This place is also famous for its shellfish harvest.
There is a sorting facility for cockles which is the main economic activity for the fishermen around the area.

Beyond Tok Muda..

After a brief visit to the power plant area, we cycled towards Pantai Jeram.
There was a nice offroad track near a sugar cane plantation which we rode past.
And as far as the bikes are concerned, they held up pretty well.
Michelle had tried to access the beach area near the power plant.
But our attempts were futile as part of the shoreline was fenced up to keep intruders at bay.

Getting lost is part of the game..

Riding to Sungai Janggut
Places of interest.. 

The Kapar power plant is a place to be during the bird migratory season.
I heard that it would be opened to the public especially for bird watchers.
As for the trail, I'd say that the ride was pretty decent and that there aren't that many tough trails.
We made our way to Sungai Janggut and ended up at another cockle sorting area.
There is a seafood restaurant here, but I guess since its hidden from plain sight, only those who are on the know would be able to get there..

Pantai Jeram..

With the exception of Bagan Lalang and Morib, most of Selangor's shoreline are made up of mud plains.
Pantai Jeram, which is very near to Kapar is an exception.
But much of the shoreline was affected by soil erosion and there is no direct link from Sungai Janggut.
This meant that we had to cycle away and get back to the road leading to Pantai Jeram.
Its a small area and during the weekend, its pretty packed with families on their picnic trip.

Cycling towards Pantai Jeram

We reached our destination!
The only interesting attraction at Pantai Jeram are the stalls selling fresh seafood.
Here, you can find live cockles and razor clams.
Prices are pretty decent and if you hang around there when the catch is brought in, chances are: you will end up with some really fresh catch of the day.
We wasted no time by cycling back to Kapar and completed the loop by clocking-in a total distance of 40.75km.
Not bad considering the fact that part of the route was offroad...
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