Thursday, June 13, 2013

Maxxis DTH

Learning from the FRIM experience.. 

We have been using our Schwalbe Marathon Supreme for more than two years. 
So far, so good. 
It performed flawlessly and with the entry of our new bikes, we have unanimously decided that the Dahon Jetstream P8 and EX would be made as our offroad rides.
Our gig at the FRIM Rover trail had given us the push to seek for a permanent solution: wider tires with traction.

Excuses, excuses, excuses..

I had my eyes on the Schwalbe "Mad Mike" offroad tires. 
It has a width of 20" x 2.25 which is wide enough to tackle any condition on the trail.
Better still, the Mad Mike comes with Kevlarguard protection. 
But, having said that, the Schwalbe dude here in Malaysia told me that he can only sell them if there's demand and the Minimum Quantity Order is a container load. 
So, having heard that, it ain't gonna happen...

Enter the DTH!

The folded tire
Last week, when we rode up the KKB route towards Sg Chilling, I was shown to a bike fitted with a wide and knobby tire.
Johnny Ng of My Bicycle Shop pointed me to a Dahon ECO7 with the Maxxis tires.
Later, I learned that it was a dirt tire meant for BMX bikes.
Its called the DTH or short for "Drop The Hammer". 
The tire's pretty aggressive and it came with Maxxis' silkworm puncture protection, which is just basically enough to cover the bare necessities on the trail.
Having seen that option, I gave it much thought as my Schwalbes are worn out.
So, I didn't waste precious time to outfit both our Jetstreams with the DTHs.

Fitting the new Maxxis tires
Fitting the tires..

I was lucky to learn that the Kinetic pro rims are compatible with the Maxxis DTH.
It has an ETRTO standard of 406mm, so, fitting the wider tires were not an issue.
I spent an hour fitting the new tires. 
And the irony was this: The Schwalbes were never taken out of the bike because I had never experienced a single puncture with it.
Removing the rear tire from the Jetsream EX was an experience.
It was held together with a 15mm nut and a special wrench is needed to remove the entire tire.
I had no problem with that with my Topeak spanner.

Simply badass! 
I was pretty happy with the fit and this means that we have no more excuse not to climb "Steroid  Hill" in FRIM.
If there's any doubt, the DTH would erase our fear of getting no traction at all on the punishing offroad climb.

The Maxxis DTH on the front fork
Only time can tell of the new tires would perform.
But I have confidence in this set of new tires -- that they would grip the dirt tracks with ease.
So, that said, I am really looking forward to my Sabak Bernam - Teluk Intan offroad ride at the end of the month!
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