Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Greed destroys.Yeah, this is the biblical phrase that works. Over the years, I have seen how greed has brought down some
influential folks. Having greedy friends is another thing. I put up with one such person for many years and realised that there is no
salvation for this greedy bastard.It started with a fishing trip to the Southeastern part of the country and we became friends. I learned that with
greed as a motivation, he used every means possible to climb the corporate ladder.He may be educated with an MBA, highly qualified to do the job, kisses ass and plays his cards well, but the
bottom line is: nobody likes him. Why? He is a fucking greedy bastard.For years, I allowed this guy to have things his way. Each time he pushes his luck, I backed off. But enough is
enough. No more shoving shit.I guess the straw that broke the Camel's back was a trip to the islands where we scored a good catch. He took
everything and his excuse was: "I want to give my father in-law, score points with my clients and bla-bla-bla..."And when I was doing equipment review, he even had the audacity to ask for a diving watch."Hey, I can review the watch and keep it right?"I'd completely ignored the guy. And guess what? Just when I thought I was out, I saw his name in Facebook. Well,
how about that? Fuck him!My father had taught me not to be greedy. Today, I value his words because I have seen the extent of the
damage on what greed can do to a guy...

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Shiek Eng Meng said...

I tell you bro, god likes greedy people .. he makes so many of them. I came across too many.

No worries bro, whatever they take, there will be payback.