Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Wow! Three days had gone by and tomorrow morning, I have to send my wife to the airport and see her off.She'll be going to the US to complete the final part of her accredidation exam with the National Association of Corrosion Engineers.Michelle has been studying hard for this and I wish her success. Back at work, I've completed three days of my duties manning the regional pages.The guys in the bureaus were shocked to hear that their former liaison is no longer with the section. While most of them are groping in the dark, the execs in my section are taking turns to man the desk till a replacement is found by early June.Meanwhile, I caught up with an old friend who is retiring this month. We've known each other for nearly 15 years. He's also a published author, playwright and actor.In between meals, he told me that he has no set plans after retirement, but acknowledged my question about employment.Since both his kids are going to University, there's a huge pile of bills to settle. At 55, life is only at the crossroads for this guy.Later, I caught up with my ex-colleague and had tea. We spoke about the ripples in our former workplace where an ex-honcho is said to be hired to 'steer' the machinery out of its rut.Nothing but profanities came out of the whole conversation and well, for their sake, I guess its game-over. Today, the tabloid is doing around 100,000 copies daily and falling.With the new guy at helm, its pretty much expected that he too will ressurect some former cronies who were given the golden handshake.As my buddy puts it: "Its a place even maggots would find hard to survive.." Well, I concur with the statement and right now, I can only wait to see what is their next move.

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