Sunday, November 29, 2009

Catching up with the past

Time catches on very quickly.I met an old friend recently. Someone I haven't seen or really had a conversation with for nearly 20 years.The guy who is in his mid-50s, had gone through a rough patch and somehow managed to pull through.He held up pretty okay on his own.There were little physical changes with the exception that he is already toothless.I can also see the mid-life crisis thing wearing in as he looked more like a wild man these days.The only thing that I can only recall over these years was the fact that he was one of my mentors. He taught me quite a bit when I was starting out as a photographer in the Press.I have since moved on with life and as usual, in a large gathering where 60% of the attendees were ex-staff from an organisation, there were bound to be plenty of ego-trips.I didn't have much to say as much of the events that were brought up from the past were insignificant.My participation in the get together was out of respect for the man and what I learned is the fact that there is no point gloating about the past.

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