Thursday, November 12, 2009

The waiting game..

I received a phone call from a private number yesterday.Since most of them are fraud or some direct-selling telephony, I ignored it the first
time.Then,the cell rang again and this time,there was a voice asking: "Mr Sam? I am
calling from HP.."That was the phone call that would seal the deal between me Hewlett Packard
Malaysia through their Public Relations company on a purchase scheme for the
mini 5101. I can save RM299 for this netbook.But with every special media purchas scheme, there are some catch.First, I have to give my credit card info through the phone. This is a no-no.Then, when asked, I was told that I can bank-in the sum for the purchase to a bank
account. And I thought that would be a viable option.The guy told me that its standard operations procedure for HP to deliver the
netbook to me in 14 days.What the fuck?I told him that I'd think about it before making any commitment and emailed the PR
executive to tell her my reservations. The deal is off.Why? Since Christmas is just a month away, there are many offers for products
such as HP's netbook.Yes, I am interested in it and I've already sold my mini-1000.My money is parked in the bank, ready to roll when needed.Now, why the fuck would I want to save RM299 when there are no extras thrown
in? The HP media scheme does not cover any RAM upgrade, accessories and
Windows 7 redemption.So, rather than jumping straight into this deal, I'll just sit back and wait.December is three weeks away and I am sure that there are plenty of surprises in
store.After all, the RM299 savings is no big deal.

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