Sunday, December 20, 2009

The inevitable change..

AFTER 18 years, I guess its time to move forward with my photography.I hanged up my SLR camera for the last time back in 1995 and never looked back.Since then, I relied heavily on my Konica Hexar 35mm F2.0 rangefinder for most of
my work.Back in 2001, I progressed to the Canon Powershot G-1 compact digital camera.It was a bliss because if its state-of-the art features which made my job relatively
easy.From the G-1, I gradually upgraded to to G3, G7, G9 and G10. Seeing as it is, compact cameras, despite its high-end features -- are limited in
terms of optical clarity.With the recent introduction of the Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR, I guess its time to
move on.My mission is to record my family's activities including the dogs and use the EOS
7D as part of my work.There's much to be done with the acquisition process, but nevertheless, it shall be
on my hands in the months to come.

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