Friday, February 11, 2011

Betong, Thailand - part 4

Michelle at the Thai border checkpoint

Cycling back into Malaysia
The last chapter in our folding bicycle tour of Betong was easy to pen down.
We have arranged for a truck to transfer us from Winter Flower Garden Resort  to the CIC complex at the border.
There was a slight pricing change for the ride which I had agreed with the driver. He wanted a little bit extra from the charter rate we had agreed a day earlier.
With a good night's rest, we departed from the resort at 09:00am local time. 
I had the opportunity to wish the rest of the team farewell before shooting off to the border.
By the time we got there, the sun was already up and for us, there's a short ride to complete before reaching the Malaysian side.
We spent about 20-minutes at the Thai CIC complex to clear our travel papers and rode back to the carpark where we stowed our vehicles. 
Parking for three days was RM24, which nobody had complained as the cars were there as we left it.
We drove to Kuala Kangsar for lunch and Ipoh for tea.
The drive back to KL proved to be a slow drag as vehicles converging into the Klang Valley were literally crawling from Simpang Pulai to Slim River.
Traffic was nearly at a standstill along the stretch.
We reached our home at 20:00hrs and was relieved to see to dogs wagging their tails.
Its good to be home after a short break.
The trip organizer Siang and Angela had done a great job by setting up the accommodation and   planning the riding route.
Cyclists Uncle Meng and Mr Keong were also great hosts as they provided some really great hospitality at a family-owned farm.
Also, a special thank you to Patrick Lim who hosted dinner on our last day in Betong.
Way I see it, there are potential for a return trip sometime in July during the fruiting season.

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