Saturday, February 12, 2011

CKE Bushcrafter

Craig's Bushcrafter and 4" Nessmuk

Field-grade prefection - The CKE Bushcrafter
I've known Craig Wheatley for some time and have been observing his talent as a knifemaker.
The Canadian craftsman has built a solid reputation in making good field and wilderness survival knives.
Six months ago, I commissioned Craig to make me a 4" bushcraft knife and a Nessmuk.
I wanted it simple and practical and also specified the blade length and handle material.
For this, I settled for Green canvas micarta which is a grippy and comfortable blade that yields plenty of cutting power in prolonged use.
As for steel, I settled for the 154CM stainless.
The Malaysian weather is not suitable for high-carbon steel which is easier to sharpen.
In the months to come, I will post some field trials with the bushcrafter knife.

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