Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 Century Ride - Ipoh

The Perak Century Ride is said to be gruelling and tough
I met up with a fellow folding bike rider Johnny Ng at his pro bike shop in Bandar Utama recently.
He told me that he would take part at the 2011 Century Ride in Ipoh, Perak.
This is a 160-km ride tackling some scenic routes around the outlying areas of Ipoh.
The fastest dude completed the ride in 4 hours and some who completed the ride finished at 7 hours.
I was interested in trying it out, but after reading the fine print, no Moutain bikes and hybrids are allowed, I began to doubt the whole thing.
Maybe these bikes are slow.
Put a foldie, it may be even slower.. Hahhah!
On whether foldies are allowed in this event, I better check it out with the organizers...


I rang up one of the organisers to seek further clarification, he said its strictly for road bikes. As for registration, the guy told me that its not up as yet due to some technical glitches. So, all you roadies raring to rip apart the roads of Ipoh, get your bikes ready!

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