Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A little makeover...

Giving the Malaysian Foldies its revamp
I started the Malaysian Foldies Forums in December 2011 to give the folding bike users here a knowledge resource.
On it, there's at least a dozen on sub-forums catered to bike users from different brands that are available in the market.
So far, we have 200 members who have signed-up for the forums.
On Malaysian Foldies, they are free to access the latest information on folding bikes and also keep themselves informed of cycling events.

Initially, I wanted a simple header for the forum page..
For this, I turned to a minimalist design. Although it was not quite 'there', it served its purpose. 
I rather have a simple graphic and header to identify the forums and set it apart from the rest.

Meeting a designer
To ramp up things a bit, I engaged Lois Loo @ Wonderkitten to design a simple logo for the forums. The theme was a kitten on a bike.
She gave much thought about this and came up with three sets of visuals. One worked and was chosen as the final artwork..

The final artwork chosen for the forums

An alternative version
Comments and criticism
On the whole, the new logo was well-received.
There were some critical individuals who commented on the artwork. 
They wanted more details like a folding hinge and said that the fork was not centrered and bla-bla-bla.
I don't want to argue with such people as talk is cheap.
Getting the job done is another thing.
So, Kudos Lois for doind such a good job for the benefit of others on the forums.

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