Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Riding with the Backroller Classic

Finally! A chance to utilize my Backroller...
I am ashamed to admit that my Ortlieb Backroller Classic has been sitting in the storage room for nearly a year without seeing any action.
That said, last week's Bikecamping session was the first time the Backroller was taken out to serve my needs.
I packed nearly 30kgs of equipment - clothing, lighting, cookwear, utensils, stove, fuel bottles, food and bicycle repair kit in both panniers.
The Backroller has a capacity of 20litres per piece.
If you pack carefully, you can ride and camp out for two weeks.
This, I factored-in stuff like the lightweight dry-fit clothing and micro-fibre towel;
Based on a conservative estimate, the maximum load of a fully-laden backroller is about 30kgs for both sides.
Add the rackpack, your bike may weigh a tonne!

My Backrollers and Dahon Speed P8 on a North-bound train

The panniers on the rear traveler's rack
 I purchased my Ortlieb Backroller from Fall Factor in Singapore.
The prices were very decent compared to what I could find in Kuala Lumpur at the time.
Our bikes are outfitted with a set of frontroller and backroller classic including a rack pack.
We've been using the frontrollers a lot in our travels.
But, when you are bikecamping, additional space is needed to carry all the essential items.
So, that said, the backrollers came in really handy.
With the additional weight, covering flat ground is no issue.
But, when it comes to climbing, my bike actually ceased at steep gradients. Well, its actually more practical to push that to bang up some leg muscles...

My trusty 2009 Dahon Speed P8 with the Backroller Classic
Durability and water resistant factor
Pound for pound, the Ortlieb Backroller would take on any nylon panniers that are available in the market.
With a roll-flap closure, you need not worry about moisture seeping into the panniers.
Even with rain, the goods are dry.
This was proven with my trusty frontroller classic and with it, we've clocked a couple of thousands of kilometres.
The vinyl exterior of the backroller is pretty tough.
Just don't pack stuff that are pointy to protect your panniers!
As for care, there's little maintenance needed for these panniers..

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