Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Far out...
I paid a visit to the Specialized Concept Store in Kota Damansara.
This is one of the best places to source for Cateye products as the store has a wide variety.
While browsing through the aisle, I saw a Cateye Rapid 1 bicycle light.
Finally, this product has arrived.
It came with a pricetag of RM119.
A sales assistant there said he could offer 10% discount for the product.
So, after lobbing off the percentage, the final price is RM107.

Overpriced: the Cateye Rapid 1
 Rechargeable, so what?
I am using a Cateye Rapid 3 and paid RM60 for it. 
As far as performance is concerned, its very decent. 
Even with the discount thrown-in, I told the store assistant that its overpriced.
"Its rechargeable," he said. 
I told him that the light can run on nuclear energy or solar power, doesn't really matter because its just one small little light.

Bang for the buck: Rapid 3
 Ideally speaking..
I don't mind paying RM70 for this light. 
RM107 a pop is daylight robbery. So, thank you GH Cycles! Better luck next customer.. 

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