Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tern Verge X-20 updated for 2015

It gets better and better...

Tern's Verge X-20 Gen 1 

Tern bicycles made its debut back in 2011.
One of their flagship 20" folding bike was the high-performance Verge X20.
This one was retailing near to RM10k and a few privileged owners actually had the chance to take it out for a spin on the streets of KL.
The bike features SRAM Red components and a 20-speed drivetrain.

The best there is..

The Verge X20 is built for speed.
It has road bike components, a light frame and ultralight wheelset by Kinetic Pro.
The rims alone are expensive and if properly-tuned, it is set to perform.
It's component quality and pricing factor puts it way above the rest of the Verge bikes and the closest ever is the moderately-priced Verge X10.

Black Beauty: Tern's second-generation Verge X20

What to expect in 2015? 

Tern introduced the upgraded Verge X20 at Eurobike in August this year.
Some major changes can be seen on the bike.
First off, there the sporty Kinetic-X wheelset.
And with the SRAM Red components, the Verge X20 Gen 2 is expected to stay ahead of the pack in the 20" folding bike - high performance category.
Even the colour scheme had taken a drastic turn to matt black, an apparent feature on the larger Eclipse X20.
As for the price, no official announcement has been made by K2 Asia. But, I expect the range to be more than RM10k for this 20" folding bike.

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