Tuesday, November 25, 2014

At a first glance: 2015 Tern Verge X10

A chance encounter...

I made a beeline to Johnny Ng's bike shop in BU4, Bandar Utama to leave a packet for a fellow cyclist.
In it, a piece of nut for his rear hub. The poor fella has been searching high and low for a replacement not for his Dahon Speed Pro. This is an old bike which was handed down to him from a mutual acquaintance of my wife.
When I arrived, I was greeted by GC "The Ninja-Godfather" Tan, an old-timer who rides a Tern Eclipse X20.
He was eyeing the new 2015 Tern Verge X10.
With little or no announcement, the bike has arrived with two other models in Malaysia.

Tern's 2015 Verge X10 is as impressive as it looks

So, what's new? 

The second-generation Verge X10 is a vast improvement from its predecessor.
It maintains its unique colour and custom-made SRAM X9 rear derailleur which is color coordinated with the frame.
A noticeable change is the new Tarsus hydroformed fork. This is said to be stiffer and lighter, so, you can expect the bike to perform even on the tightest bend around the corner.
And for next year, Tern had included a mainstay chainguard on the bike. This acts as a cushion to prevent the chain from bouncing and derailing from the main chainring.
What's even more impressive, is the massive 55T chainring made by FSA for Tern and the 11-36T cogwheels. 
This enables the rider to take on any terrain, be it a flat course or a hilly climb.

The X10, folded

Hot item: the Kinetic Pro-X hub

The V-brakes

You can expect the new Kinetic X rim to perform

Stability and solid handling comes from the VRO syntace steering system

The huge 55T chainring, largest on any Tern bikes of its class
Expect cutting edge performance..

There's no doubt that the large chainring and wide array of gears on the cogwheels would really spin the bike fast.
Despite the makeover, the genius is in the details.
On the crank, Tern had included an FSA BB386 bottom bracket. So, there's no issues with moisture on the crankset when you ride in wet weather. its practically sealed to prevent dirt and water from damaging the bottom bracket.
Another major improvement is on the Kinetic Pro wheelset. 
The Kinetic Pro-X hubs are out of this world and to give the wheels a real solid roll, there's the sapim aero spokes that is much stronger than previously used on the first-generation Kinetic Pro wheels.

How much and where to buy? 

The Verge X10 is available in two colours: White/Lime Green and White/Orange. It is priced at RM5,900 and is available at My Bicycle Shop, Lot G3, BU 4, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Call Johnny Ng at 016-632 2599 for details on the bike.

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