Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cambodia - Part 2

And so, the journey begins..

The bikes are all packed and loaded. 
And when the alarm rang, I have very little time to get everything in pace.
The dogs needed their walk, but it had to be cut down to half the distance. From the average 5.4km in the mornings, I had to bring it down to 2.25km.
By the time the kidz are satisfied with their walk, I uploaded some songs onto my smartphone and began to move our duffel bag down to the main living room. Other equipment such as cameras, tablet and power cords were packed in our knapsack. Michelle lugged her trusted Mountainsmith daypack while I used my Camelbak Octane 24. These are enough to haul the essentials.
I also packed a small fanny pack on the Dahon Airporter. The rest of the cycling gear such as helmet, lights and tools were stashed with the bike.

Feeding the kidz before leaving for the airport

Our ride.. 
Checking-in our bikes
The total weight of our gear, bikes and luggage..
Membership has it privileges..

Our cab came at exactly 09:00am.
We loaded the bikes and our packs, fed the kidz and gave them a treat before boarding the Proton Exora MPV (only car big enough to lug our gear).
The ride cost us RM90 (flat-rate) from Subang Jaya to the KLIA. 
It didn't take too long for us to arrive at the departure hall and since Michelle has Gold frequent-flier membership, we checked-in at the Business Class counter.
This was a breeze as we do not need to queue-up like the rest of the passengers.
Immediately after checking-in the bikes at the oversized luggage counter, we passed through immigration and the security check-point.
Since Asean destinations are all located at the main terminal, there is no need to take the transit rail to the satellite terminal.
Michelle and I then entered the hospitality lounge and there, we helped ourselves to some coffee while waiting to board the plane.

Signing-in at the airport's hospitality lounge

Hanging out and grabbing a bite..
We chilled out at the lounge and while I had a nice cup of coffee, Michelle was on the phone, sorting out her business.
After an hour there, it's time to board the flight to Siem Reap.
We made our way to the departure gate, which was full with passengers.
Since she is a Gold club member, Michelle boarded first.
The queue wasn't that long as the passengers slowly made their way to the airplane.
While we were waiting, there were a couple of guys with really strong body odor. We were glad that they were seated pretty far away from us.

At the departure gate

All aboard!
Destination: Siem Reap
The Happy Campers

Our meal
The two-hour flight..

Once onboard the aircraft, Michelle went on to view the in-flight entertainment.
I took some snapshots of the landscape below and about 45-minutes into the flight, food was served.
The down-sizing of Malaysia Airlines didn't really affect their service, but the food part, well, it took a dip.
I was not complaining because my airfare was pretty affordable. I had chicken with steamed rice while Michelle ate the fish option.
We kept the peanuts for the beers and enjoyed the rest of the flight until the "fasten seatbelt" sign was flashing to signal our arrival in Cambodia...

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