Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cambodia - Part 4

What? No cycling yet!!!!

The boss is not impressed...
I have broken the sacred vow of the Cycling Gods.
Once we've arrived in Siem Reap, we locked our bikes in the room and walked instead. By the God's wrath, I would have been stripped naked, publicly shamed by having tar poured onto my body with a bucket of feathers to finish it off. Oh well, too bad. 
We walked across from our hotel to the Old Market, a landmark in Siem Reap which is worth taking a look.

The Old Market

Fresh seafood

A fishmonger at work

Fresh tropical fruits
Makan places aplenty in this area

Local spices

Checking out the goods.. 
The art of getting lost..

We had a quick look at the market and walked across the street to the Siem Reap night market. 
There was a convenience store nearby and we checked out the prices of the goods there.
Now, while walking, I checked my Google Maps. The GPS on my Xiaomi M4i smartphone was turned on, but the mobile data packet was switched off.
So, instead of getting the right direction, the off-line map led us further away from town.
It was later when I noticed that we have walked more than 2 kilometers out of the target zone and I had to make the call to turn back on a loop.
We found ourselves in the far side of town and began to walk back in a loop.
That's when it started to pour heavily.
Luckily, we were pretty near to the Angkor Trade Centre. There is a supermarket there and we wasted no time in buying bottled water.
The choices for food was pretty lousy there, so, I decided to head further down the road after leaving the bottles in the hotel. 
It was also getting late (by 6pm, it's already dark in Cambodia).

Walking across Pub Street in Siem Reap town
Dinner in a local restaurant

Chicken Amok, a traditional Khmer dish

Fresh spring rolls

Ahhhh... Cambodian Beer!
Preparing for the early morning ride and a solid dinner..

We found our provisions at a better supermarket on one of the main streets.
There, I bought a loaf of bread and a packed of ham. We also bought some bananas for the ride.
At the airport lounge in KLIA, I took some cheese along. This proved to be useful the next morning.
We crossed the street back to Pub Street and found a restaurant called: "Old Town". It's not related to the "Old Town White Coffee" joint in Malaysia (which is disgustingly horrible).
A waiter sat us down and handed us the menu.
I ordered some beers and it was a real treat after long day.
Rather having our meals a'la cart, we ordered a set meal and shared the dishes.
I had the Chicken Amok (a traditional Khmer dish where a lot of yellow ginger and coconut milk is used) while Michelle had the Khmer soup. 
Since the meal came with appetizers and dessert, it was a real treat!
The food at Old Town was very decent. Beers are sold at US$1 a can (RM4). That kept us happy and our total bill came up to US$16.50 (RM66) and well, this is the typical price we pay eating out like in places such as Nando's.. Hahahah!

More beers! And an early night..

Siem Reap's Hard Rock Cafe
A cool T-shirt at Siem Reap's HRC

Michelle, getting some souvenirs for her mum..
Hard Rock Cafe is just two blocks down from our hotel.
Michelle wanted to check the place out and ended up purchasing two T-shirts.
We made our way to the bar and had a large glass of Angkor Beer.
The folks here are pretty laidback compared to the uptight people in Kuala Lumpur's Hard Rock Cafe.
With the decent service and the chilled beers, well, we don't have much to complain.
After downing the brew, we walked back to the hotel to catch an early night's sleep before the ride to Angkor Wat the following day... Err, more like five hours later..

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