Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bangkok - Part 2

Starting the day with a walk...

The Banjasiri Park in Bangkok

My alarm went off at 05:00am. 
That was set to Malaysian time and of course, I an one hour ahead of time.
I got up, put on my walking gear and left the hotel. 
There's a park opposite Sukhumvit Soi 31. But it only opens at 05:00am. 
So, I walked up the road and went as far as three BTS Skytrain stations away and turned back.
By the time I got to the park, it was already opened. 
So, with an hour to burn before the cafe at the hotel opens for breakfast at 06:30, I walked the park.
I was surprised to see so many locals working out.

Almost done... 
After clocking-in about one hour on the pavement, it was time to head back to the hotel, load up on coffee and some breakfast.
When I was done, I got back to the room, my co-worker was still sleeping. 
Went to the shower, washed up the sweaty tee-shirt and cleaned up.
I was ready for the day ahead.

Class begins...

Day one of the ANN Multimedia workshop was an intro-session. 

We got to meet Mr DJ Clark, the trainer and Claudia, who assisted him throughout.
A couple of examples were shown and later, we were told to capture a short video of ourselves and present it.
Prior to this, I had training from En Azam Zainal, the executive producer (training) for StarTV who taught me and some co-workers on how to capture with a smartphone, edit and present.
So, my co-worker and I were the only people with experience on the floor.
I took my Xiaomi M4i and went to work immediately.
We were given some lavalier microphones on loan. 
But for mobile phones, the mic jack was not compatible. 
For microphones, the 3.5mm mini jack uses a TRRS input. This is an additional band on the jack to enable sound recording.
The lavalier mics that were handed to us were the traditional TRS mini jacks, so, the phone was unable to capture sound, instead, the external microphone on my Xiaomi M4i did the work. Lesson learnt, the hard way!

Meng, my co-worker at the ANN Multimedia workshop
DJ Clark from the China Daily's Multimedia Unit

The session being taped by The Nation TV

The Youtube video above, was my simple intro. Everyone in the class had to participate in the project.

After lunch, we were given time to do our projects.
I went ahead to capture a footage with the M4i's front-facing camera.
Managed to wing it and went straight away to the editing part and handed over my assignment to the trainer.
We sat through a bunch of intros and later looked at more examples of the China Daily's work before we wrapped up for the day.

At Central World after making a drop

The Erawan shrine was bombed a week earlier 

Bangkok is slowly recovering from a terror attack...

Tops food mart

My dinner
As soon as the class ended, I went back to my room, changed into my walking gear and headed towards Central World.
There, I dropped of a set of souvenirs for a friend and went on to Mah Boon Krong complex. I checked out some video gear there and looked around.
After I had enough, I walked back towards the uptown area and had dinner at the Tops mart in Robinson's Department store.
My day ended early when I hit the sack at 10pm. 

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