Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bangkok - Part 3

Getting ready for the big one...

It was day two at the workshop.
And as usual, I went on my walk before freshening-up for the morning session.
By noon, I was working on my interview capture and editing.
Still thinking that the lav mic is doing it's job, I went ahead getting footage for my assignment.
I was talking to a journalist from Vietnam and after we were done with the small talk, he suggested that I partner with him for the video interview.

I set my Xiaomi M4i on a special bracket and a tripod and got a few good clips based on some questions given for the assignment.
On the background, one dude from Bangladesh was doing his stuff. 
His voice was so loud, it reverberated across the ballroom area.
That was when I realized that the TRR mini jack did not work.
And rather than recording my voice over the video editing app on my smartphone, I chose to record it on a separate track and fit it as a music track over the footage. This one worked!

Anh, doing his thing at the interview session...
At this point, experience kicked-in and I applied everything I learned at the previous video workshop.
By late-noon, I handed up my project and waited for the videos to be shown and given comments by the trainer.

The video above, was my class project for the interview. This was the model for our field assignment on the third day of the workshop.
We were given tips on what to do and a set of simple instructions.


Knowing what to do and not panic by running around like a headless chicken, we did pretty okay.
Class was dismissed at 05:00pm and I headed back to the hotel to change.
My gig for the evening was to catch up with some of my Thai friends whom I haven't seen for seven years.
I made prior arrangements with my buddy Santi Senarat and Preeda Jamslipa to meet up around Sukhumvit Road.
The meeting was set at Terminal 21, a new shopping mall just one BTS station away from Soi 31.

With Preeda, my point man in Bangkok

My old buddies turned out in full force! What an honor!

The highly talented Khun Panja, a full-time engraver
Santi, whom I've known for many years

Khun Pichet and Moonless
I met Preeda at the BTS station and proceeded to have a beer with him.
Later, several guys turned up and among them, Khun Santi.
This is a man I respected for his knowledge and wisdom.
Later, I met Khun Theera, a very successful businessman who also hosted my previous visits to Bangkok.
After an absence of seven years, it was great to meet up with some familiar faces.
One of the most colourful characters was Khun Panja, an engraver.
He showed me samples of his work, which is amazing!
After spending time with the guys, it was time to head back to the hotel to catch some sleep before the big field assignment on the third day of the workshop...

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