Friday, February 26, 2016

Make mine extra, extra wide: Brooks Addiction Walker

Curse of the wide-footed man...

It really sucks to have a pair of wide feet with high arch.
During my early years, I struggled with footwear brands like Nike and Adidas. The shoes fit badly and by the end of the day, my feet hurts.
Later, I found solace in New Balance, a US-based athletics shoe company that makes extra, extra wide sizes for their shoes.
I started wearing these in the mid-80s. But the brand faded into the oblivion until they came back in the late-90s.
My last surviving pair of New Balance 4E (EEEE for extra wide) shoe is the New Balance 1540 which was made in the USA.
It's now been downgraded to my gym shoes and is one of the most comfortable and stable shoes I have ever owned.

The search continues...

It's been three years since I had good shoes and what's left of them, were heavily worn and seasoned soles.
Just by walking alone I had clocked-in more than 3,000km with my New Balance 990v3 and 1540. 
I tried Asics shoes. They make very good running shoes with gel soles. But to no avail. The New Balance stores in Malaysia hardly stocks 4E models. I was in despair but when a sales guy made mention of the Brooks boutique in the Curve shopping mall, there was a glimmer of hope...

Brooks Addiction Walker - there's none other...

I went to the Brooks boutique in the Curve with very low expectations of finding any 4E shoes.
Well, lo and behold! Sitting on the shelf, was a pair of Brook Addiction Walker.
It's built in leather and has a very subtle appearance.
After working out the price, it was worth the trip.
The shoe fits like a glove and what I love about it, are the features.
There's a gel-lining on the insoles which makes it pretty comfortable if you stand a lot.
I love how stable and sturdy the shoe is and its ability to maintain traction on wet surfaces.
The leather upper makes it really stylish. I wear this to work every day since I purchased it in November last year.
I am also pretty impressed by the shoe's energy returning midsole technology. Having worn it on an average of 16 hours a day, I have little to complain about it's fit, quality and finish.

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