Saturday, May 3, 2008

Car battery blues..

Last night, my two-year-old car battery went dead. My fault cos I didn't top it up with battery water. was told that two years is about the max life cycle of a wet battery.

And there I was, in my long sleeve, a tie and sweating like a pig in the basement. I managed to get help and at the same time, got a colleague of mine to help jump-start the car. It was in the nick of time cos I had to attend a formal function and another colleague of mine was waiting for me to hand him the table ticket.

I made it in time to get the whole shenanigan done with and reached home past midnight...

Anyways, since the battery was as good as gone and the car is my only way of getting around, I was ready to pay at least RM220 for a new maintenance-free batt.
Went to a workshop in USJ 19 which is purty trustworthy in terms of service and pricing.

Found out that the wet batteries are sold at RM180 a pop, while the dry cell type has an asking price of RM200, which is about RM20 more. Jumped at the deal cos I don't want to go about the chore to top up the casing every three months. My usage is purty heavy because I have an in-car charger for my Nokia N82.
Anyways, I got the battery installed and the old one, well, truly bashed up piece traded-in at RM15 a piece. So, its RM15 off the retail price. Total spent – RM185. The least I can say is that I'll have two to three years of uninterrupted use of the batt before a replacement is in place...
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