Sunday, May 18, 2008

Slow start for the squid season..

Ryota-san with his first haul
I landed this table sized squid after an hour of jigging
Eddie and his first catch
Yanai worked overtime for his sashimi haul

Ahhhh!!! I got back from Kemaman, Terengganu yesterday evening. Had a decent haul, not as much squid as I would've expected. Anyways, they guys have had some real fun and I must say that sea conditions were a tad too rough to do any serious jigging. The boat was yawing and rolling which made it rather hard to get a good footing. I was knocked out towards the later part of the day and caught up with some jigging again the following morning. On the whole, we did quite allright and will be back on June 14 for a follow-up trip..
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