Friday, May 2, 2008

RM6 Chee Yuk Fun...

Good food is priceless. You pay for what you get. But today, I think I got screwed cos RM6 for a bowl of Chee Yuk Fun that SUCKS didn't justify the cost. It was rather a so-so only deal. I went to PJ State to pay my bills and along the way, dropped by a corner coffee shop opposite the MBPJ tower.

A Myanmar worker took my order and prepared the noodles. Purty flat-tasting and what's missing - is the egg. Anyways, on the pork department, they gave me some kidney, liver and meat cake. Also tasted so-so only lah. I missed the Brickfields Chee Yuk Fun which is as costly as the one I had in State. Note to self : State Chee Yuk Fun SUCK BIGTIME!
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