Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The jigfest begins..

I had a blast atthe jigfest last year!
Eddie with a double hook-up
Our haul
These criters are big and tasty
Our former boatman Pak Kamal who has since retired from the business..

Its May and oh yeah!!!! Squid season has arrived... I made plans to head off to Kemaman, Terengganu to try out some new lures given to me by Ryota Hazishume, a friend. This time, there will be four of us travelling from KL to TG for the jig fest. If things turned out well, we will hook-up for another session in June. I need to plan my off days in advance so that I could rig up the trip and coordinate the rv time with my boatman. Sadly, Pak Kamal, our regular had given up the business. Its all up to Pak Ibrahim who has his own boat at Kemaman to lead us out. Squid season begins in late April through July and peaks up in October. The best time to go is during full moon! I had at least three successful runs last year and hoped to make it up this time with proper planning
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