Monday, May 12, 2008

My New Balance 901

I had Saturday off and one of the many places that I checked out, was the New Balance sports shoes outlet at Sunway Pyramid. Saw one particular shoe that caught my fancy - the model 901 walking shoe.

New Balance was my natural pick since I wore them in my late teens. They are comfortable and offered 4E width on top of its good sizing. I found their prices to be very decent and the shoes durable. Its a whole lot better than Nikes, Puma and Adidas - All whom I found problematic when it comes to fitting.

As for the NB 901, its promotional pricing was reasonable at RM199 a pop. I immediately took a liking at the design and it kinda reminded me of my Red Wings that I had for years. I replaced the shoes with a pair of Rockport which I bought at a super bargain price. Its wide and has plenty of cushioning - making it very comfortable for daily wear and extended hours too.

I had nothing bad to say about the NB 901, the only beef I had, was the 2E width. I would have been superb if it was a 4E which means comfort ALL day long! So, tomorrow is a day for full field trials. I think this shoe, although 2E, will pass with flying colours..
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