Sunday, May 4, 2008

One angry bugger!

I don't meet angry people everyday. Let alone, kids who watched too much movies. Here is a prime example of a response from an article which I wrote last week. BTW - I don't get that many fan mails, once a while, its fun and educational. Especially profane ones. Enjoy!

Dirk Kuyt
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2:30 am (11 hours ago)


May 5, 2008 2:30 AM

Kehleng Mui Laksa Fun. --> That’s Racist!

To Sam Cheong, ‘Food Trail’ columnist for the star newspaper,

In your article titled, ‘Trailing the past’ that ran on page 22, starmetro, the star, Thursday, May 1, 2008… you stated in the second last paragraph of your article, ‘Kehleng Mui Laksa Fun’.

How the hell can such a thing be printed?!!!

Samo, understand that its not you that I’m directly furious at (though you should have had the brains not to promote a stall with such a racially insensitive name by WRITING ABOUT IT!). Rather, it’s the fucking racist swine stall owner that I’m incensed with.

The cheek of this inbred swine to use such a term! Is the fucking shit-for-brains stall owner just begging to be brutally (and most justly) savaged by a group of Indian youngbloods?!

I have a good mind to assemble such a warparty myself and hunt down this racist motherfucking pig personally!

And as for your moronic editor, he should have the godamm brains to catch such a massive fuck up like that. Does the moron of an editor realize that letting such a filthy, colonialist-era word like that slip in is tantamount to triggering a huge racial issue particularly after the whole hindraf fiasco. What is your retarded editor going to let slip next? Signboards for restaurants proclaiming, ‘Warung Melayu Babi Bodoh’ and ‘Restoran Cina Babi’?

Would your bloody editor dare let that be printed? Stupid brian martin! You’re not fit to be an editor.

You best warn that whoring, son of a prostitute who owns that stall to change the sign before its lodged permanently up his ass.
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