Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh what a great weekend!

Aaaahhhh... Another weekend gone! We set out to Terengganu for squid jigging which turned out to be a great outing despite strong winds and
choppy seas. Michelle, Vincent and I charted a boat and spent more than six hour at sea in search of squid and we've
achieved our objectives by landing some 60pcs of large and medium sized squids.On the whole, it was money well-spent and also our first time going out with another group. We decided to call it
a day at 10pm after the weather did not improve.And it turned out that the very next day, heavy rain hit the shores of Pahang and Terengganu. After a hearty
breakfast in Kuantan, we shot off to KL and arrived at home at about 5pm.The kidz were smelly and yesterday, they had their bath. I had some chores to do on Monday, so, the off day was
kind of a blessing. Squid season ends in late September and next month, we'll have our last outing in Kemaman before breaking for
other projects for the year.
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