Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And now, squid for dinner..

I have about 10 kilogrammes of squid and frankly, there's much to do about it.The jigging was fun, but wait till you get to do the cleaning and cooking! There are many ways to cook the squid,
but one particular style really caught my fancy.Its the mamak way of curried squid that inspired me to try out cooking the squids in whole. But one thing that is
lacking is the know-how and ingredients.I am seriously in the dark about this and tried an easier method - that is using and instant blend of spices to cook
the squid.So, having thought of that, I bought a pack of spicy tamarind gravy and prepared it with some chopped onions.
This is a good combination cos the onions made the sour gravy sweet.It doesn't take much effort to prepare this dish and once ready, it goes well with a plate of hot rice. My wife loved
it but my mother in-law said it was not spicy enough.Next, there's the curried squid which I cooked last night. The taste was just right but the vegetables that I used
has melted into the gravy. Note to self - add veges at the very last minute.After the tamarind and curried style, grilled squid is in order!
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