Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The giant and the midget

RECENTLY, there were rumours that a cold-storaged guy from the oldest daily in the country would take helm of the
newspaper.This was followed by a guy whom the daily had sued who wrote in his blog, that he was very keen in getting back
to lead the oldest afternoon paper in the country.Both are buddies from a business newspaper that is now a pullout in the daily. One's a midget, the other, a giant.The midget is well-known as a columnist and was sent to the shelves when he fell out of favour with the powers
that be. And during the long harsh winter, the midget waited, and waited. Till everything thawed out to reveal a large and
lush grazing ground. After being in slumber for so long, the midget was elevated to helm the oldest daily, with blessings from the
gods. As far as I am concerned, this midget lacked in many things. One of the glaring qualities that he so needs - is
communication skills. Now shortcomings aside, its been proven that short asses do get their break with each change of regime. Its time for a change and I hope the new boss can do something to remedy the daily's weakening position in
sales and reach.The giant, on the other hand, is a stand-up guy. Although he allowed wine and women to screw things up, he
does have a heart.After living an exile in cyberspace, finally, he was given a chance to take lead of the afternoon paper that he once
helmed. During his lead, the paper did prosper. But the joy was shortlived when a god of war took over. Many were
slaughtered in the takeover bid.As for the giant, I hope he too can factor change in the afternoon daily. For the past year, it has been running on
rehashed stuff under the watchful eyes of a washout who tried to make a comeback to the scene.Well, the usual practise as with any change of environment - is the removal of deadwood and 'problematic' folks
who are the voice of defiance.Some will live to suffer this changing landscape while others who waited and aligned themselves with the Giant
and the Midget would prosper. For the time being..
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