Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let's get squidding!

Two days and counting.That's in squid days and well, having done all the groundwork, all is set for my second squid jigging trip for this
year. I will be shooting off to Kemaman on Saturday with my wife and brother in-law. And as usual, the guy whom I
supposed to hook up with from Penang had given me the no-show. This means, he'll be struck off the list from July's squid assault with Ryota and Yannai-san. We'll be doing some
wrasse fishing as well in the reef area off Kemaman's water. In my previous post, some guy asked for the boatman's contact number. I gave him the info and half-way through
the correspondence, this dude asked some really stupid questions. Squid jigging is less strenous than offshore outings and based on experience, the fishing is done near the
shoreline which means less time spent on moving around the seas.The guy was kinda freaky when he asked about lightning strikes and being speared by a sailfish. But by the feel
of it, I'd say that I am dealing with an amateur that has very little exposure to the outdoors.Morons aside, I hope that this week's outing would yield some results!
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