Saturday, June 13, 2009

Projek Direkt

Sometime back, I corresponded with knife designer Chad Los Banos about a knife project.
Basically, I was not happy with the 2009 forum knife project on the Malaysia Knife Forums.
A maker, who initially agreed with supplying the knives had backed out. As a contigency, I discussed with a member who is also a moderator on the forum to use a common and affordable folding knife to replace the custom order.
As a direct result, we came up with the Malaysia Knife Forums Spyderco Tenacious. It was aptly priced at RM170 a piece.
A local on-line retailer sells it at RM330. To the members, this is the benefit that they enjoy.
And like most earlier projects, I didn't have to to much. I was also accused of profiteering and running a monopoly on sales of the forum knives.
Since its a open economy, I invited others to take the challenge. Most of the folks only understood a part of the process which is pay.
To get something like this off the ground, its plenty of legwork, skills and knowledge.
And I do not charge anything for the work and the extra income that was generated from the sales covered my transportation to lazer engraver.
I have to taker orders, process them, remit payment to Chad and take risks.
This is what I do best and I get things done.
As for Projek Dirket, the results was a resounding success.
There are many things in store, but as I see it, it will have to wait.
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