Monday, June 8, 2009

Ingrown hair - bloody pain in my face!

Two weeks ago, I thought I had a zit on my left lower jaw.So, I used a 3M acne patch to remedy the problem. But this stubborn zit just won't go away. Infact, it became hardened as if something was trapped underneath my skin. And to make things worse, it
started to hurt each time I run my hands over my face during shower.Then, upon closer inspection, I noticed that there was a hair trapped underneath the skin. That was the cause of the constant pain because the hair follicle was already infected. I had no choice but to use a needle and dig into it to remove the hair with a tweezer. And man, what a relief!!There were some dead tissue oozing out from the follicle which explains the constant pain and feeling of
tightness on the skin.Now, what's left is some scabs and a new scar!
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