Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ah… The good food!

Okay, its been three years since I last visited Kota Kinabalu. And many things have changed.

Cheap flights made this town in East Malaysia highly accessible and the best part of being here, is the food.

We weren’t able to rent a car, so, the thought of going to Penampang for dinner was out of the question.

The taxi service in KK is generally a rip off. At any given day, a short trip around town costs RM15 a ride, so, screw that.

I found out that the Grace point food court is roughly about 950metres away from out hotel. This is roughly 15-minutes walk and sadly, the seasons seafood restaurant was out closed down. It went out of business.

Our only choice was a restaurant opposite our office called ‘Kim Boo’. There’s a good selection of seafood here.

I picked a live fish, clams, prawns and crabs. Its a pretty decent fare and the bill came up to RM142.10. Not bad cos the live fish was about RM63 a pop. I found the tiger garoupa overcooked, so, no great shakes.

When we come back from the Kinabalu Park and our Mount K summit attempt on Tuesday, there’ll be more places to check out!

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