Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bad intent

The dark cloud looming over my head seems to have cleared up a bit.I went to my doctor to get my monthly perscription and had my blood pressure taken.It has been a stressful for a couple of days and I told him that I had to make a decision in
the best interest for a small peer group.I also told my doctor that there has been some conflicts within the group leaders and
followers and that my involvement with them had raised some dissatisfaction.So, the right course of action is the bow out of the game and retreat.Clinging on to the group by brushing aside allegations that I am solely responsible in
putting the members in harm's way would just make the situation worse as more conflicts
are forseeable.So, with whatever dignity that is left of this, I chose to leave to protect their interest.That said, I would have to rethink, restrategise and reform my plans for the months to
come.By doing so, I have also lost some friends which I made over the past six months.This is a small sacrifice on my part and I hope with the bigger picture in the future, they will
realise my intentions.Whatever said and done was in their best interest because I don't have any bad intent.After a brief break, its time to form a new peer group and work on the places that I want to
conduct my day and night macro photography sessions.One thing is for sure: I don't want to get any paranoid people in the loop.
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