Saturday, July 10, 2010

Frogs of Gasing Hill

Rana blythii or blyth's river frog, an edible specie which is highly regarded by the Chinese community in Southeast Asia

A toad in a striking pose

Another toad, this time, with its chest bloated..

It was pouring really heavily last night and since I was committed to see through a night
macro outing, Stanley, my buddy and I had put our photographic equipment through a
gruelling weather test.Since my EOS7D and EF100mmL F2.8 IS macro lens were weather-sealed, there were
no issues about working the rain.However, the MT24EX twin flash system which I used to capture some frogs along the trail
need to be adjusted.The 'light tent' diffuser doesn't seem to work on 1:2 capture and I guess I'll have to work
with another technique of softening the light. Excessive moisture may have affected the flash output as most of the close-up shots I
took with my flash seemed to be underexposed.With trail and error factored-in, I guess there will be plenty more nightly excursions to Bukit
Gasing for frogs as well as reptiles.

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