Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rise of the macrosapiens..

With some minor setbacks behind me, I've organised my first outing under
team Macrosapiens in Kg Pertak recently.Thanks to Stanley Tan who generously offered to drive the team, we managed
to cap off some decent shots.Stanley and I were joind by T.S. Ching, one of our regulars at
Photomalaysia.comChing had been going out with me a couple of time and our last outing was at
Gasing Hill during the night macro session.I am really glad to have dealt with some mature adults who have set aside their
ego and fear in our quest for good photographs.On my part, I packed my folders and a large fixed blade in the event if
something should go wrong.With the numbers, we can ensure a safe trip and in an outing that involves
lugging photographic equipment, no one is a hero...
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