Saturday, July 10, 2010

I guess its time to move on..

The Macromaniac team

This spells the end: I guess with paranioa and safety issues, its time to move on..

For the past couple of months, I have been taking snapshots of bugs and other small
critters on an intensive scale.With so much to learn and plenty of challenges thrown ahead, I guess its time to sit down
again to review my priorities.I was at Gasing Hill last night to capture some frog photos. It rained heavily, but that didn't stop me from hitting the trail as I was committed to another
group who linked up with me and my buddy Stanley later in the trail.What was appalling was the fact that some of the guys did not even participate in the night
macro photography outing.I don't blame them because they don't want to get their gear wet and soggy.Some were 'not in the mood', while one or two guys went on with the programme.And at the end of the event, a guy whom I barely knew said: "Eh, next time ah, don't tell the
whole world about the outing..."I found this remark to be totally unfounded and based on his concerns about safety and
being discreet about a hike in the trail at night, I'd say that the point was baseless.He was merely relating his concern about getting robbed in the trail and that by revealing
information on time, place and date on a public forum, someone may use it against him.Was he totally paranoid? Dumbfounded, I took some time to ponder on this and examined on what that had gone
wrong.Was I totally irrational by posting an open invitation in a public forum? Did I gambled away the safety and wellbeing of others or was I putting their lives in
jeopardy.That said, I was rather puzzled with the group who joined my four-man team on Friday
night. They were supposed to be doing something else.Way I look at this, personal preparedness is paramount if anyone would undertake a night
hike.If you hit the trail with a dim and puny flashlight, your level of confidence is as futile as the
equipment you are carrying.I did not invest in procuring high-performance illumination gear for nothing.For the record, in all four outings, I helped in setting up lights around a small perimeter. This is to raise the level of confidence of the people around me as I am also responsible
for their safety.The question of being discreet is another thing in mind.I know that many photographers won't share their findings and would want to keep their
fertile hunting ground a secret.This is very selfish and I guess for a person who loves to share such as I am, it would be
considered a sacrilege.Nevertheless, with the lesson learned, its now up to me to decide on whether parting way
with the group is a good thing to do.As it is, our four-man team has also doubled. For me, issues such as being discreet and
putting people's lives in harm's way is a que to move on.There are boundless adventures ahead and with some old connection hinting about some
future expeditions in sight, the timing has never been great!
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