Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wrong time, wrong place

My buddy Samuel tool a real beating while walking back to his car in Bukit Bintang over the weekend.

Wayside robbery and muggings are a crimes of opportunity.More than often, the victim is caught by the element of surprise.Samuel Ong, a colleague of mine became the latest statistic in a botched wayside robbery.This happened in Bukit Bintang over the weekend.Ong received a couple of stitches on his head after being hit with a blunt object by a gang of youth.Its rather unfortunate that a nice guy like Samuel was on the receiving end.Again, street smart and personal preparedness is very important.Last Saturday, I was walking with my wife and two friends in the city centre.In my left pocket, I pack a pepper spray and carry a large Spyderco Military folder on my right back pocket.You can never be too sure and when shit hits the fan, the defensive tools are my last ditched option.When you walk the streets, you must observe what is going on around you because the bad guy can always spring a surprise.Never attempt to move alone if you are packing a lot of gear.Match it with sheer numbers.When I hit the trail, I pack a Strider PAB. This 9-inch piece of sharpened steel is my deterrent to the guy who wants to take away my camera and gear.
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