Monday, July 12, 2010

Oh brother..

Sunday was a shit-filled day.It started with me making a public apology in a photography forum for 'endangering' the
lives of a few people who took part in a night macro outing.I posted some information on time, date and place to inform those who wished to attend
the outing.This was misconstrued as 'luring crooks into the trail' and sparked fear that the group may
get robbed.My question to the person who said this: "Can you predict lightning?".The credo: "Better safe than sorry" can best be applied in such a situation.What irked me was the fact that this message was relayed to me by a third party.If the person who questioned my decision had something to say, why not contact me
directly?I pity the third person in this picture because he too had to put up with so much shit.Nevertheless, I set this difference aside and took my stride. There were never an issue of safety and I would never put other people's lives in harm's
way so that I could get a good shot.Ironically, the same guy who relayed the fear message had also joined in our group on
Friday night.He brought along a couple which I barely knew and had no issues with.Things went on smoothly and I made some record find in the jungle.On Saturday, I went back to the site where we did our macro shoot the night earlier. I gave
the group organizer my word to back them up.And like most outings, I set up some lights to brighten up the place, blazed the trail and
even got soaked in the rain.The group was about the give up. But they came in to fulfill their outing.I was surprised to see the lot, out of which, only two person were snapping away with their
cameras.And right throughout the whole thing, I escorted the group out, made head count and saw them off.But at the heart of things, one of them, a man who joined me and the team the night earlier said this: "Eh, next time ah, don't tell the whole Malaysia we are going for a night shoot.."He also muttered something about safety.It was then that I realised something really wrong. The matter was never laid to rest and
that this was going around a bunch of people whom I hardly knew.What the fuck was he talking about? Was it necessary to rub salt into the wound? Why of
all time, he had to say this before ending the day?I went all the way out to accompany the group without any expectation and this was what I
get in return.The picture that was painted clearly indicates that I am an irresponsible person who puts
myself above anything and gave no regards to other people's personal safety.So, that said, I had no choice but to go public.I also culled all the people associated with the group on facebook with plenty of
consideration on their 'personal safety'.With that, I parted way with some of the photography enthusiast. Ending six months of
good relations through outings.Now, if that was bad, an old acquaintance sent me a message about selling my Canon
Powershot G10.Later, I found out that his girlfriend's father was the buyer. I packed the camera and brought it to show to the guy. But the old man's attitude sucked. He behaved like a prick and gave me a dirty look, as if I
was about to rip him off.The guy wasn't honest. He took advantage to exploit my sale to impress his future father
in-law. Like the lot on facebook, I too had written him off. So, to sum it up, Sunday was a shit day.
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