Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hulu Langat Series 8

Reaching the 11km mark today
Fresh from our 86km ride yesterday, we shot straight to Pekan Bt 18 in Hulu Langat for our weekly training ride.
As far as we can, we won't miss it. Even when I work on weekends, I have stayed committed in training.
The strength and stamina ride, although short, has improved my fitness level.
It helped in many other rides and I intend to keep the Dahon Speed P8 as my training bicycle.
While I was discussing with my fellow folding bike riders Wey Pang and Ming including our ride guru Bil Choy at a coffee shop, I summed up that there are at least three classes of riders.

Level 1 - Riders who are very fit with strength and stamina, able to do an average of 25-30km/h on their rides. These are the strongest of the lot and would be on the forefront.

Level 2 - Cyclists that are average in strengh, lacking the stamina. We are looking at folks who can do at least 15km/h on their bicycles, usually form the second tier of the ride. 

Level 3 - Beginners who are unfit, lacking in strength and stamina.

I would say that with the different levels of strength and stamina, we are no able to streamline the riders according to the difficulty of the rides. Longer rides would attract level 1 & 2 riders while the easier fun rides would sufficient enough for level 3 cyclists.

Training is an important aspect and if a person lacks of discipline and couldn't manage his or her time, they would never achieve anything.. 
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