Friday, March 4, 2011

Ortlieb Front and Back Roller Classic Panniers

Watch out world! Here we come! 
I've upgraded my panniers from Topeak's 18L rear bags to a set of Ortlieb front and back roller Classics.
These waterproof bags are the bomb!
Straight out of the box, the overall built quality, fit and finish are simply superb.
But here in Kuala Lumpur, searching for a pair of panniers for your ride can be a nightmare.
I corresponded with veteran rider Meng Fook Cheun who pointed me the way to a shop in Bangsar. 
Unfortunately, the fella who runs it has no idea what he was selling and the stuff sold there are way overpriced.
I researched Ortlieb's website found a dealer in Singapore.
With some help from a buddy, I managed to get it across to Johor Baru where I picked it up.
The bags are easy to fit on my Dahon front and rear traveller's rack.
These are specifically built for touring with plenty of clearance for the pedal and cyclist's foot.
Since Michelle had expressed her interest for some longer duration trips, I was inspired to retrofit our bike panniers to a reliable brand. 
The Ortliebs may be pricy, but its a surefire investment as the company has been around for 25 years specialising in manufacturing travel luggage for bicycles.
Best of all, the bags are made in Germany!

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